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We have started our business initiative through trade company and a non-profit organization in 2016.

‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd. is the first Bulgarian company to offering the innovative technology of aquaponics in its individual configurations. The equipment, technology and special patented system – Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® have been developed by ‘NELSON AND PADE’, INC.®, the most trusted name in aquaponics in America.

‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd. is an exclusive authorized distributor of the technology for Bulgaria and the Balkan countries. It has an agreement with NELSON AND PADE INC.® for the exclusive distribution of US brand names for:

  • Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP® – Commercial and Home Systems and MicroFarms according to design specifications.

  • Optional equipment Fish/Plant Nursery Systems and Fish Purge Systems.

  • Supplies and Equipment:

• Growing Supplies;
• Aquaponic Equipment;
• Testing and monitoring Equipment.

  • Training and Services:

• Aquaponics Master Class®;
• Extended Stay Learning Program;
• Assembly Guideance
• Project Planning;
• Consultation.

  • Growing and selling fish and vegetables following the standard operating procedures of 'NELSON AND PADE INC.®'.

  • Supporting their customers using technology and procedures using 'NELSON AND PADE, INC.®'.

The marketing program of the 'AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd. focuses on scientific research in the field of healthy nutrition and the quality of aquaponics production.



The team of ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ consists of a manager and a vet. Viktor Dankov and Dr. Milena Krastanova get special training in aquaponics in the USA in 2016. They also took part in the North Central Regional Aquaculture Conference. Experts have aquaponics competence and certificates.

Viktor Dankov

Industrial manager, lawyer. Manager of ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd.

Dr Milena Krastanova.jpg


Vet, journalist, lecturer to the students of veterinary medicine. Chief expert at the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and Editor in Chief of the professional journals ‘Veterinary Assembly’ and 'Veterinary Practice'. Chairman of the Non-profit Association ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’. Manager ‘Marketing and Communications’ of ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd.

Our visit to the United States allowed us to learn about the Local Food System. We have observed a combination of diverse biological processes, growing of plants, mushrooms and aquaculture, indoor vegetable garden, hydroponics and aquaponics with optimum use of the building. We have received many practical tips. The opportunity to participate at the Conference helped us to understand the problems that exist in aquaculture production in these regions. The theoretical lectures during the Aquaponics Master Class® in ‘NELSON AND PADE‘ INC.® convinced us of the importance of the aquaponics and the practical exercises gave us reason to take advantage of our knowledge and to apply them to our specialty in ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ .


The most prosperous company for aquaponics in America that helps people get started and become successful in aquaponic food production.

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