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We offer you the opportunity for a profitable business. Together, we can realize your idea of producing high quality local produce.

The modern and innovative aquaponics has made it possible to create fish farms in variety locations, for example in buildings or on urban roofs. Domestic production of healthy foods is completely possible without great effort. While commercial production can be a very successful business. In addition, there is a hobby application at home or in the office – the fish tank can be combined with a mini garden for growing herbs, fruits and vegetables or flowers. Aquaponics can also be used for educational and research purposes, and for agrotourism. All these separate areas of aquaponics can be realized through the various configurations offered by ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd.



  1. Plan and develop your project.

  2. Preparation of a report on: the projected costs of the project, production and design; Projected annual produce and expected earnings.

  3. Design of the object – greenhouse with controlled environment for aquaponics, commercial area.

  4. Supply of patented Clear Flow Aquaponic Systems® with ZDEP®.

  5. Construction and technical maintenance of aquaponics.

  6. Provide support to their customers using technology and procedures using 'NELSON AND PADE INC.®'.

  7. Assistance for the realization of the production.



There are 5 system variants depending on their capacity and performance. They can be built from 4 to 8 Fish tanks with volumes of 757 L to 4542 L each. The plant beds are Raft tanks and Living Filter Media Beds from 2 to 8. The annual production is 31,000 to 276,400 leafy green plants from the Raft Tanks (from 85 to 760 leafy green plants/day respectively); from 6,000 to 55,200 leafy green plants (19 to 75 leafy green plants/day) from the Living Filter Media Beds and from 861 kg to 7,135 kg of whole tilapia fish (from 107 kg/every 6 weeks to 430 kg/every 3 weeks, respectively) . The required installation area is 490 sq. m. (for the smallest commercial system) to 2809 sq. m. (for the largest commercial system).


With sizes ranging from ​​125 sq. m. to 178 sq. m. these efficient and profitable systems can be set up nearly anywhere. MicroFarms are ideal for indoor production, whether in a greenhouse, warehouse or other building. We also offer highly efficient greenhouses for all three MicroFarms offerings. The annual productions from the MicroFarms is from 7560 leafy green plants (the smallest MicroFarms) to 20,900 leafy green plants (the largest MicroFarms). Annual fish production is 592 kg. The estimated labor per day are from 2 to 4 hours.


There are 4 configurations. The largest system has four Fish tanks with volumes 378.5 L and six Raft tanks, and the smallest one with two Fish tanks of 60.5 L and two Raft tanks. The estimated annual production of the smallest system is 416 leafy green plants, and the largest - 4860 leafy green plants and respectively 14.5 kg and 208 kg tilapia fish. The suggested total area indoors or greenhouse of the systems is 17.7 sq. m. (for the smallest Home system) to 80.5 sq. m. (for the largest Home system).


We offers all kinds of aquaponic system parts for DIY aquaponics any existing grower looking for replacement parts for aquaponics.  For sale: aquaponic fish tanks, aquaponic raft tanks, aquaponic filter tanks, grow beds, water pumps, plumbing parts, air blowers, air pumps, air diffusers, air tubing, gate valves, true union ball valves, inline water heaters and filters, fish food, grow cubes, packaging supplies, propagation materials, natural pest control and replacement plant rafts, beneficial bacteria, monitoring and alarm systems, water quality test kits and meters and more.




  1. Training programs – Aquaponics Master Class®, extended training program and other educational offers for children and students.

  2. Tours with demonstrations in the greenhouses.

  3. Opportunity for education and research.

  4. Use of a trademark.

  5. Information, training and motivation campaigns for aquaponics.

  6. Organizing and conducting scientific and practical forums on ecology, nutrition, aquaculture and aquaponics.

  7. Collaboration with national, international and world organizations.



Our team will work at your benefit, we’ll consult you and we share our knowledge with you. Together, we can achieve success in the aquaponics.


Thе aquaponics can be used for educational and research purposes without restrictions. The commercial success of the facility with the patented Clear Flow Aquaponic System® requires entrepreneurial and marketing skills. People who work in the greenhouse are advised to learn aquaponics.


Professional training and job opportunities

The training is essential for work in aquaponics with controlled environments. We offer professional training and job opportunities. The learning program includes a prolonged stay in the greenhouse that allows participants to learn and work in a real aquaponics, and to do everything from daily activities to problem solving. Each participant will start by monitoring the processes in the greenhouse planting, harvesting and packaging plant production, maintenance of the filter system, and fish breeding and feeding. After the accumulation of knowledge and skills, the learner will be able to demonstrate what he has learned in practice. This training is available exclusively to customers who have purchased the Clear Flow Aquaponic System®.


Education and training

Educational and training programs are organized in the greenhouse, where children and students will be introduced to the scientific principles based on aquaponics. In particular, the children will study natural sciences, agriculture and aquaponics business.


Aquaponics Master class

3-days course includes theoretical and practical sessions that provide fundamental knowledge on all aspects of aquaponics.



The agrotourism is an innovative part of the aquaponics business. Developing an interesting agrotourism program brings profit.

In recent years, agrotourism has become popular, and the aquaponics greenhouse is an attraction that deserves to be seen. This type of tourism can increase the profits of the aquaponous enterprise. This is mainly through paying for the tour and through direct sales of production and other related goods. The inclusion of agrotourism in the greenhouse project must be done at an early stage.

Compared to the familiar agrotouristic destinations with traditional attractions, the aquponics greenhouse offers much more. It combines innovative technology with a completely natural process that demonstrates countless scientific themes. The system is extremely interesting to observe and represents a sustainable and modern method for growing fresh, nutritious food.

The proposed facilities of ‘AQUAPONICS BULGARIA’ Ltd present the latest innovations in aquaponics and agriculture in a controlled environment.

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